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You’ll Be Amazed at What We’ve Done!

November 8th, 2011 · 2 Comments · encouragement, life lessons, fullness

My youngest son Landon burst through the door.  He was clearly on a mission outside and needed my help in completing it.  “Mom can you help us make a tree swing?  We’ve got the rope and boards, but we need helping hanging them.”  “Alright, let me finish what I’m doing and I’ll be out in a few minutes.”  Out the door he went, clearly determined to accomplish the task of building a tree swing.

Before I could get out the door, Landon came running through the door again.  “Mom, come look!  You’ll be amazed at what we’ve done!”

I was captured by that statement.  I’m so very thankful that my nine year old knows the hard work he puts into a project is simply amazing!  As busy women, we too put in hard work each and every day; at home, in the workplace, in relationships, caring for others and being a good friend.  Take a look back at all the things you’ve accomplished this day, week, month and year.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ve done!

~To Do List~

~To Do List~

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