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AndreaI Can Only Do 4 Things At Once

My family is used to hearing this proclamation from me when the phone is ringing, I'm making dinner, the doorbell rings, the dogs are barking and my son has had an accident in the bathroom. The other day, I boldly announced amongst the evening chaos, "I can only do 6 things at once!" My sweet man replied, "I thought you could only do 4 things at once." I exclaimed, "That was then; I've improved!"

Women everywhere are balancing more plates in the air than ever before! Andrea provides a solution to our busy and hectic lives with her humorous and insightful message on how to P.A.C.E. properly and balance best.


We Are What We Think - How our Minds Affect our Actions, Attitudes and Ultimately our Destination

Just how important are our thoughts? How do they affect our level of success, both personally and professionally? You'll learn key strategies needed to 'take every thought captive'. In doing so, you'll see your productivity and profitability increase exponentially.


Do You Know Who You Are? Embracing the Power, Privileges and Position We Have as God's Girls

Women are relational and passionate individuals. Along with that, many struggle with doubt, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Experience the life changing message Andrea delivers built on solid Bible truths and practical application.

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I Can Only Do 4 Things At Once
Balancing best each day is vital in an abundant life! Learn how to P.A.C.E. properly and thrive!
You have specific gifts and talents that have been suited just for you. Discover gifts and talents that are uniquely you and how you can implement them each day.
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